Things in our daily life go unnoticed without knowing their purpose - Part 1

In our daily day life, we use many things commonly. But there may be certain things we look at it and ignore because of not knowing the exact purpose of them. The people around us also may not know and so we won’t get any chance to know their purpose. Here, in this article some of the things going unnoticed are explained.

Things in our daily life go unnoticed without knowing their purpose - Part 1
Things in our daily life go unnoticed without knowing their purpose - Part 1

1. Why do Soft drink bottles have bumps at the bottom?

Normally, if you take water bottle you can notice that the bottom is little flat. But to place it in the ground firmly it is inclined inwards a little in the middle.

On the contrary to that if you take a CSD bottles (Carbonated Soft Drinks) bottle you can notice that the bottom is bumped with rips. Why is that? Let me explain.

Have you even seen the plastic water tanks which are in square type? No. They are cylindrical shape. So, all pressurized liquid tanks manufactured are only in cylindrical shape. You can remember now the chemicals, the petrol, the gas, etc. transporting vehicles have a tank which is in cylindrical shape not in square type.

Let me explain little science.

According to pascal’s law the pressure acts evenly in all directions. So, if a liquid or gas is in high pressure the pressure will push the container outwards. If a tank is square type the pressure in the container can easily crack the corner side of the square tank. But if it is in cylindrical shape then because the pressure is evenly distributed and no corner the pressure distributes evenly. So that the tank may not crack.

Due to this reason the bottom of the soft drinks bottle is bumped in a spherical like shape. So that it can withstand high pressure without cracking.


Soft drinks bottles are carbonated to taste well. Due to this the drinks are in high pressure (pressurized carbon). If bottom of the bottle is in flat like water bottle it will crack easily at the flat corner. But if it is made like bumps (cylindrical or spherical shape) at the bottom it will withstand the high pressure without failure.

2. Why do the threads of the soft drinks bottle caps and enclosure have cuts or gaps?

As you may know, the soft drinks are carbonated to give taste. Carbonation is the process of filling Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas at high pressure. This pressure is approximately double the times of the pressure of CO2 which in the beer. Due to this high pressure when opening the cap of the CSD (Carbonated Soft Drinks) bottle, the cap may fly and cause accident especially to the eye of the consumer.

So, for the safe removal of the cap from the bottle the pressure of the CO2 must be relieved. When there are gaps provided in the cap it acts like vent slots for the pressurized gas. And the pressurized gas goes outside through these slots while opening the cap. So that the pressure in the inside of the bottle becomes low and we can remove the enclosure of the bottle easily without any accident.


For the safe removal of the enclosure of the bottle, the pressure of the soft drinks bottle must be relieved. Otherwise, due to the high pressure the bottle enclosure may fly and may cause accident. So, when opening the enclosure pressurized CO2 gas escapes through this gap and so the cap is safely removed.

3. Why do the juice boxes have flaps?

Juice boxes have flaps which is folded in the two sides.

When we hold the juice box by our hands if sometime, we squeezed it tightly the juice inside the box will spill out and make mess. So before opening the juice box we can unfold the flaps and drinks. This time if we squeezed it tightly no problem the juice will go into flap and will not spill outside.

This is also useful while transporting the juice boxes. If the transporting devices squeezed the box tightly, the juice may not spill out due to flaps.

Nowadays, children find it easy to drink the juice making these flaps easier to hold by their hands.


These flaps help the juice not to be spilled outside if the box is oversqueezed.

4. Why is there a tab in the soda can?

When you use soda can to drink soda you will put a straw in the soda can and you will sip the juice holding the straw using your hand. But there is a soda tab with a hole in it. If you turn the tab of the soda can and put a straw in that hole you don’t need to hold them using your hands. The tab itself holds the straw in place and you can drink the soda easily.


The soda can tab contains a hole and by turning it we can keep a straw in it and drink the juice without the use of our hand to hold the staw.

5. Why there is coloured square in the toothpaste tube or any other cream’s cover and what is the real meaning of it?

There is a small coloured square at the bottom of the toothpaste or other cream covers and the colour may be black, blue, red, green, etc. Common misunderstanding about this is that the people think that the colour is used as the colour code and using this we can easily assume whether it contains natural ingredients or chemical ingredients. But this is fake and not true.

You know nowadays everything goes automatic and so the manufacturing and packaging of paste became very easy due to the use of machines. The cover of the cream comes in a long strip and it must be cut and folded individually to make every single paste cover. So, while printing, these colours are also printed as square shaped in the cover. While it goes through the cutting machine there will be light sensors which detect this colour. It gives signal to the cutting machine the single paste cover end is reached, and that place is to be cut. Understanding this signal, the cutting machine cuts at the right place. This colour sensors give signal for cutting, folding, etc.


 In automatic manufacturing process, to make the machine to understand the exact position of the single paste cover end is reached, these colours are printed. So that the machine can easily cut, fold or do any other operations using this colour code which is sensed by colour light sensors.

6. Why do electronic items come with silica gel packets?

 Have you ever noticed when you buy a laptop with laptop bag or any other electronic items, there will be small packets of something inside the pack? If you tear the small packets the small balls may fall. They are called silica gels. What are they?

They are drying agents. They absorb moisture from its surroundings. So that the electronic items inside the bag will never get damaged by wet climate conditions. As you know electronic items are damaged by wet conditions, the manufacturers put silica gel packets and it will absorb all moisture and keeps the electronic items safe.

Not only electronic items, you can safely keep your saving blade, leather shoes in a pack putting these silica gels into it. Also, you can try to rescue your wet mobile keeping in a packet with silica gels.

Keep in mind that you should keep it out of the reach of children.

7. Why is there an inclined outward folding in bobby pins?

Many people don’t know how to properly use this bobby pins in their hair. They think that the inclined shape is for fashion and must be placed upwards in their head. But it is not true.

If the hair is more and thick the bobby pin may get loosened. But if the inclined position is placed downward in the hair then it will be struck in the bulk hair and won’t be loosened easily.

Next time don’t use bobby pins wrongly.

8. Why do gas cylinders have holes at their bottom?

We may think the holes at the bottom of the gas cylinder is for aesthetic look. But it's wrong. It has a purpose.
We know that Mild Steel (MS) rusts if exposed to moisture and oxygen in the air. So, if there are no holes at the bottom of the cylinder it's like the closed chamber. The water will not dry fast if it is under a closed chamber. But it will dry fast if it is exposed to air.
Now, if there is any water under the cylinder and if there's no holes at the bottom of the cylinder, water will not dry fast. This leads to corrosion of the cylinder. Finally, due to this corrosion cylinder becomes weak and may explode or gas in the cylinder leaks. This is very dangerous.
But, if there is any water under the cylinder and if there are no of holes at the bottom of the cylinder, water will dry fast. For corrosion to take place we need mild steel, water and air. Here, we dry water fast. So corrosion will not happen and the cylinder is in safe condition.

9. Do you know why do lollipop stick has a hole on its side?

Many people might told you different reasons. But they may not be true.
Let me explain the real reason behind this.
Example 1:
You know if there is a gear mounted on a shaft it is easily rotated and take outside. To hold it in its place keyway is cut and it is held using key rod. Also, a threaded hole is made and fastened using bolt.
Example 2:
Remember switch board on the wall. We are plugging in adapters in the switch board using pins. Consider if there are no pins in the adapter means it will fall down.
The same concept is used in the lollipop stick hole. If there is no holes means the lollipop will slide easily on the stick and we take it out easily.
In manufacturing they will pour liquid lollipop on the stick. Remember the lollipop also goes into this small hole. Now the lollipop becomes solid after cooling. Now this small lollipop went into the hole acts like a nail in the wall. So, it will not slip and comes out. It will be hold strongly with the stick.
Think that if a child is eating lollipop and it comes out the stick and stuck on the child's neck how dangerous it will be. So, it should be held firmly.

The last one is not telling you the real purpose but to remove the rumour created by someone and spread in the internet.

10. Why does the Car headrest detachable?

Many people may told you that there is an important reason behind the detachable car headrest. In emergency situations, we may try to come outside the car and as it is emergency, we can break the car using this detachable headrest. Then we can jump out easily.
No, it's totally wrong. It is not the primary purpose behind this. In some cars’ headrest is not detachable. Also, the headrest is not so sharp either. Even though with your whole strength you can break the window, that is not safe either.
Finally, buy a good tool to break the window and keep it in the car always.

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